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E-Commerce Surging;
Study Anticipates Total 
Will Hit $95 Billion in '99, $1.3 Trillion by 2003

by Ken Fermoyle

If I owned a lot of shopping mall stock I'd be getting a little nervous right now. Commerce on the Web is taking off, and the afterburners will really be lit in the years ahead. A recent study by ActivMedia Research (first ever to quantitatively study Internet commerce, beginning in 1994) projects $95 billion in electronic commerce for 1999 and a total of more than $1.3 trillion in 2003! 
The 6th Annual "Real Numbers behind Net Profits" study anticipates a revenue growth rate of 150% for 1999, more than double the original forecase of 72%, and a growth rate of 138% for 2000. ActivMedia reports Web revenues continue to flourish across all industry sectors as online buyers rely on the 'Net for a wider range of goods and services.
Here is how the groth pattern has been and is projected (in billions of dollars), according to the "Real Numbers" study: 1996, $2.7; 1997, $22; 1998, $38; 1999, $95; 2000, $226; 2001, $459; 2002, $826; 2003, $1324. 
ActivMedia's VP of Market Research Harry Wolhandler offers some good reasons. "Expanding cross-language capabilities create increasingly permeable global boundaries. Speedy digital information flow facilitates free trade and business worldwide. Political improvements coupled with faster, more efficient cross-cultural communications are fueling global e-commerce."
A quick look inside "Real Numbers" reveals many interesting bits of data. 
* 72% of websites are still based in the US 
* 92% of e-commerce is generated through US-based websites 
* Exports are becoming increasingly critical to US e-commerce growth 
* 9 in 10 revenue dollars are product and service sales, not ads
The "Real Numbers behind 'Net Profits" annual study is based upon a random sample drawn from 550,000 English-language publicly listed URLs and "presents the most detailed information about online marketers available anywhere," claims ActivMedia Research, whose clients include Andersen Consulting, Cisco, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Visa, and Yahoo.

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