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Technology Today - November 2013
By Robert Sanborn


Having seen the technology of creating a new object out of plastic and resin, I always marvel at the new strides being made in 3D printing. You can have your own printer to tinker with for less than $1000 and while the cheaper models are really toys for grownups; the technology is moving quite rapidly. One of the first videos I saw on the subject is still one of the best at showing off what the technology could accomplish. 3D Printer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ-aWFYT_SU


You know the technology is reaching mainstream when you can go to Staples and buy one. Go to Staples website, http://www.staples.com and do a search on “Cube 3D” and for $1299, you can have your own to play with.

Cube 3D Printer

YouTube snafu

Got two calls so far so something must be up. Hear sounds just fine but not with YouTube so that leads me to believe we have a problem, not really a problem, just that YouTube has decided to differently show videos started with the sound turned all the way down. Not that hard to see what is going on but if you are not used to seeing it or didn’t notice it before, it can be a pain. Just to the left of the Play button, you see the speaker, usually with the little mute icon.  Change it and you will be good to go.

Delta missed the jet

Travel Delays

Took a trip recently and was quite surprised at some advances in technology when traveling. Usually when I travel, I print out my boarding passes before I hit the road and then have to struggle with getting them printed for the return journey. Easy if you are near a computer or staying in a hotel with a decent business center but a pain if you are out on your own. So I downloaded the Delta App to my iPhone to see how well it works and I am surprised as to how easy it goes. 
Traveling to Richmond I missed my connection in Atlanta and the good news there is that if you need to miss a connection someplace, Atlanta is the place to do it. They have so many flights out of Atlanta, you can almost always be assured of getting a connection without losing too much time. Get off the plane, they send you to a kiosk that scans your boarding pass, and then automatically prints out a new pass for the new flight that the system puts you on. That is it.  No long lines, no waiting, no contact with a human. Good news is that they have made it so easy for this kind of problem; bad news is that they have so many people missing flights that they have to develop such a system. Now I am not sure how well this would have worked if I needed to change airlines because of the missed flight but one thing I do know, if I had been traveling Southwest, I would have had to wait for the next Southwest flight and not gotten a seat on another airline because they don’t do that. Was quite irritated with them when I missed a connection going up to New England and had to miss an entire day.

Back to the App. Getting ready for the return, a popup on my phone tells me it is time to check in, swipe it and it is done. Boarding pass appears on the phone and what is even nicer is that I don’t even have to log into my phone to show it on the screen when I go through security or board the jet. When it came time to travel back through Atlanta, a popup comes up to tell me the gate had changed. A nice application of technology.

Delta App

Robert Sanborn

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