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Technology Today - March 2014 - STM Medium Flight Bag
By Robert Sanborn

I have to admit, I am a picky traveler. I like things packed away neatly and easy to get to and while my current bag of choice is incredibly light, it also doesn’t pack well as nearly everything goes into a jumbo center pocket which makes getting to things difficult.

The STM Flight Bag, http://www.stmbags.com is well put together using a light weight water resistant canvas exterior and the first thing I like about it is the shape.  The second is how well it is put together. You can carry it by the handles that tuck out of the way if you don’t want to use them or use the removable and adjustable shoulder strap that is very well padded. The main compartment opens from double zippers at the top into an area that actually three compartments. The first is suited for a 15 inch notebook that is well padded with a poly cloth lining. The second is a sleeve built in for a 10 inch sized tablet and the third for general storage of papers, books, and other material you need to take with you. In the front, is a zippered compartment within a zippered compartment for everything from phones to wallets to glasses and any other loose item you want to take with you. Even a clip for your key ring or in my case, USB Memory sticks. The back pocket is perfect for those things you need quick access to like books or magazines on the plane.


Charge Key

It is a very nice, useable, and slim travel bag to my liking. You can’t fit any large bulky items in it and that I like as well. Ok, the quibbles; the removable shoulder strap is difficult to remove. The good news is that if it is difficult to remove, it won’t come apart too easily. You also need nimble fingers to tackle the inside zippers.

I think this is a great business traveler’s bag and even if you do leave the laptop home and just carry a tablet and smart phone, this bag will definitely work for you. You can get it on Amazon, just keyword for STM Flight, for around $65.


The Chargekey I got was a pretty cool device except that the loop on the end near the plug to the iPHone is unfortunately too close for it to work with my phone in my waterproof case.  So much for that convenience. 

Also, the great deal I got on the three extra iPhone 5 cables was not so good. One failed on the trip I just recently took, and the last one I just opened is DOA. The last one I will now use has my home charger as I don’t dare take it on the road. The good news is that when I contacted the supplier in HK, he promptly agreed to send me replacements. Watch for more...



Robert Sanborn

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