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Technology Today - January 2015 - CES a First Look !
By Robert Sanborn

I have to admit. International CES (Formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show) has something for anyone who likes their electronics and as you can see here, even if it doesn't plug in, it is still cool to see.

Hello Kitty
Habitat for Humanity I ran into something else that you can't plug in to the grid but for a worthy cause, Habitat for Humanity is an effort worth surpporting. Yes, this is a house made of cloth.
IOT was a big buzzword at this year's CES. the "Internet Of Things" is how you connect all the pieces together via the internet to make it all work. TRW wanted to show you how transparent the IOT would be. Lucite Car
Skyworth Curved TV Curved Televisions to allow you to really get the 4K and beyond picture. high def taken to another level. take a look at the back of the set behind this one, talk about minimilistic. But these sets are beautiful.
What is CES without a place to showcase cars and what can be in them or not in the case of this three wheeler. Definitely not for these cold winter days in the midwest. Three Seater

Robert Sanborn

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