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Technology Today - January 2016 - the CES Sneak Peek
By Robert Sanborn

Christmas may be over but CES 2016, the show previously known as the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, was exhausting, painful, crowded, way too huge, and a load of fun to wander. The first impressions are things that may be coming soon to a store near you and you could make the argument that they have nothing to do with your computer. Take a look.

This is just one of the many pavilions, ball rooms, and convention center sites and they are nearly all this crowded with thousands of people.


Yes, i had to take a stop and have a glass for myself. In a nutshell, D-Vine allows you to enjoy a glass of wine "a la carte" at home, with perfect temperature and aeration!

Need to go find this one but it is a directional speaker that projects the sounds in a tight beam to a single location.

Belkin From Belkin a pretty neat car charger combo for that upscale auto lover in the family.

Sorry, no idea, as to what and where, was too crowded to get in and see what it was all about.

Xcyte probably the best sounding earbuds you will ever see and they are not from those big name companies and are less than $100 a pair. From Xcyte, a rather unique cable company.
Go to the basement of the Sands, and in many other places are the drones by the hundreds. This one carries a stereo camera to create 3d images of objects like monuments and statues. Drones
Blue Ant Blue Ant Microphone had their own DJ spinning records to allow you to test out their spectacular headphones.
I have found that solar chargers for those of you wanting to go remote have improved a ton and now can be easily wrapped up for portabilty. Solar


Even NASA was there to show off techology and images of Mars.

It rained for three days while I was in the desert of Las Vegas and it was down right chilly as well. Back home, what do i wake up to, snow and more of it. The good news is that I have a lot of goodies to go through in the weeks and months ahead as the review units start to appear on my door. Who says Christmas doesn't happen all year long.

Happy New Year!

Robert Sanborn

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