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Technology Today - August 2017 The New Generation

By Robert Sanborn


Summer is here and the pace of technology just marches on to the next CES show and I am looking forward to it already. The technologies that we follow are getting into some new and quite interesting territory with both Apple iPhone 8 coming soon as well as the introduction of the almost new technology and 8th generation processors from Intel.

Intel Core i9

One of the new things I have noticed and you might take a look at is when you go looking for that new computer, don’t be surprised if the offering you see has a slower processor than the one you are getting rid of. Sure the technology jump will give you some improvements but one of the biggest complaints I hear is how slow the new computer is. So before you jump into that new Intel 8th generation Core i9 processor with a whopping 10 cores, be sure the box that you are buying has both the memory (you better start with a minimum of 16 GB), and I would start to look at installing one of the new faster SSD drives.

Don’t be fooled by the clock speed alone. There is a big difference between the four major processors that Intel has and the pricing might surprise you. That $299 computer is cheap for a reason. Low memory, slow processor, and unfortunately, cheap components.

Intel Core i7 8 Gen

So because of the news about the processor, let’s start there with Intel’s not so latest that you will currently find available. Here is a quick table of the four different core models you will find and a quick price of what that processor will cost you in a new computer. Notice how similar the processor speeds are, not much difference and you will noticed that the with the exception of the i3, all are quad cores except for the i9. Also note, they are still the 7th generation processors.

Intel Core i9 i9-7900X 10 Core 3.30 GHz Socket R4 LGA-2066


Intel Core i7 i7-7700 4 Core 3.60 GHz - Socket H4 LGA-1151

 $   349.04

Intel Core i5 i5-7500 4 Core 3.40 GHz - Socket H4 LGA-1151

 $   226.26

Intel Core i3 i3-7100 2 Core 3.90 GHz- Socket H4 LGA-1151

 $   128.52

The next thing you should think about is memory. My personal favorite is Crucial as it is very reliable and in fact comes with a lifetime warranty. Take a look at what happens with the prices when you go from 4 gigabytes of memory to 8 gigabytes to 16 gigabytes. Not Much. As of today, the Crucial Ballistix memory is priced at $42, $77, and $156. You will see simply adding $114 to the cost of a computer will greatly improve its performance.

Crucial Ballistix

Next time, lets see where the pricing and performance of Solid State Drives are.

More later.

Robert Sanborn

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