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Technology Today - January 2017 - CES Images

By Robert Sanborn

CES was here and I definitely can say I did not conquer it. The show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will probably have over 175,000 people visiting and space that would take up the equivalent of 42 US football fields in size; including the end zones.

And it was a blast to see and there were a ton of really cool things that are available now and some that are not. I saw a lot of prototypes of products and while time will tell, what I saw made the trip worth while.

What follows is a sampling of what was cool and fun to see.

There were thousands of people there; looking for buyers, looking for places to sell the products, and some were there just to show off. My phone app tells me that I took over 10,000 steps easily each day and covered near 10K each day as well. It was fun to see some old friends, some new things, and just be surprised and awed at some of what was there. To see more pictures, go to:

The Picture Page

Tons of People
Dog Collars

Ok, enough of the wearables and Fitbit craze. Now you can have something for your Dog.

I have to admit, Jack Strauser of DOK Solutions has some pretty cool things in his booth. Imagine a charging station that doesn't care what you want to charge!

Jack Strauser KOK Solutions

Faraday FF91

The FF91 is the first of the species and the website for Faraday is pretty unusual but then again, so was the new car they were showing off.

The Hotels in Las Vegas are spectacular especially at the Bellagio and the Horse in the lobby is absolutely beautiful. For a beautiful and artistic hotel scenes, check out the atrium and art exhibits here.

Bellagio Horse


Lizette at Plextor

Lite-On and Plextor always have an event worth visiting to see what is new in not only the optical side of life but their forays into superfast SSD drives. Lizette sits in one of the comfortable gaming chairs.

eBlocker is one of those devices that you will soon find you need on your home computer network to keep the bots and bad guys out. A very cool way to keep you safe and is very simple to connect. eBlocker
Viewsonic Curved Monitor

Viewsonic has one of the coolest desktop monitors you will find anywhere; a 38 inch curved screen that I can't wait to replace the two 22 inch monitors I have right now. course the price will be a bit high for a while but it is stunning!

I have been backpacking and camping all my life and keeping charged and connected was something you never think about as a kid but now adays, you need phones, tablets, and all sorts of things to keep you going. Yolk has what they call their Solar Paper and they are thin, powerful, and lightweight.

Yolk Power Solar


To see all this and more, go to The Picture Page

More from CES 2017 later.

Robert Sanborn

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