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Technology Today - December 2016 - CES Preview

By Robert Sanborn

CES comes again. The show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will probably have over 175,000 people visiting and space that would take up the equivalent of 42 US football fields in size; including the end zones.

But you have to love it, Christmas is definitely coming early to computer junkies everywhere and here is a sneak peek at some of the things that is catching my eye. Doesn't mean I will go looking for them on the show floor but someone somewhere thought they were good ideas. The other thing I notices is the number of companies that are funded via the web based cloud funding is growing by leaps and bounds. Some of the things I read about I know won't ever see the light of day but they convince thousands of people to contribute in the Go Fund Me rounds. Most of the text will be from the press releases.

What follows is a fun sampling of what will be at the show.

Imagine a world where the floors and carpet in your entire home remain dust-free without any manual labor, optimum purity is ensured in the air you breathe, and you can easily monitor unsuspecting activity remotely, whether caused by an intruder or your rebellious teenager… Thanks to global robotics brand ECOVACS, this dream will be made a reality with its new home service robot, the UNIBOT, debuting at CES 2017.


VR technology is transforming the way we live, work and communicate with our all-new, groundbreaking VR camera boasting 360 in up to 8K to show you how 360 cameras may be about to invade every part of our lives, both for consumer and professional applications. For the very first time, we will also be exclusively live demonstrating Facebook Live 360 and Twitter panoramic broadcast capabilities, and you will have the chance to get an exclusive hands-on experience of all our latest products. insta360.com

BewellConnect, a leading French health tech company has been breaking new ground in the smart healthcare device industry for 10 years. Returning back to CES, they will feature their series of B2B and B2C devices, as well as debuting a never-before-seen, all-in-one product!
BewellConnect has an existing line of 9 health and wellness gadgets which will soon be available for purchase in the US beginning in January 2017. The medical-grade devices allow consumers to “DIY” and self-monitor their vitals and pre-existing conditions. Each device is connected within the Bewellconnect “ecosystem,” a single app that houses data from all the devices in easy to read charts and reports that can instantaneously be shared with doctors.

Bewell Connect

Hey Olly

Olly is a brain-inspired AI engine and uses deep learning to provide accurate speech and emotion interaction. Moreover Olly is the first smart lifestyle assistant that actually develops a personality based on its owner’s moods and preferences, making daily communications with Olly unique and enjoyable.

Olly, the first robot with personality. We won four CES 2017 awards: Smart Home, Drones and Unmanned Systems, Home Appliances and Home Audio/Video Components and Accessories. heyolly.com

We're excited about the launch of the new range of JYRO electric rideables - like the amazing JYRO Roll. But perfection takes patience - so you'll have to wait just a little bit longer. Jyro


You are seeing the side and top view. One wheel !!!


Jyro Top


The Naztech Volt Portable Charger is the world’s most compact, versatile and powerful portable outlet. Power and charge anything, anywhere with this 30,000mAh battery via the integrated 110V AC outlet and three fast-charging USB ports. Carry wall power with you and redefine mobile living.

Oticon, industry leader in advanced audiology and hearing aid technology, will showcase Oticon Opn™ at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 5-8, 2017 and at CES Unveiled Las Vegas on January 3.

Oticon Opn is the world’s first hearing aid to connect to the Internet via the IFTTT network. The small, discreet hearing aid can be programmed to talk directly with doorbells, smoke detectors & other smart devices via the Oticon ON App. In its core function as a listening device, Opn overcomes a challenge the most advanced hearing solutions can’t solve: the ability to handle noisy environments with multiple speakers.

Dainese’s participation at CES 2017, where the Italian brand will be exhibiting D-air, the industry-leading wearable airbag technology for use in motorcycling, mountain biking, winter sports and equestrian applications through a wireless, intelligent platform.

about LEMON Tech's solar powered speakers showcasing at CES Unveiled and CES. Unlike other wireless speakers out on the market, the California Roll is the only green tech speakers that will fit comfortably in your hand. You can take it with you on any outdoor adventure like a hiking trip or event like a bonfire. There's no need to rely on an electrical outlet. No matter where you go or what you do, the solar panels attached will keep the music going.


SolPad Makes Energy Accessible to Everyone Everywhere — Completely Changes Face of Sustainable Energy with First-of-Their-Kind Adaptable, Integrated, Intelligent and Personalized Products  

Power anything anywhere with intuitive, simple-to-use, built-in energy storage system and an Internet of Energy smart home platform—SolPad is a personal energy solution for global use.



More from CES 2017 later.

Robert Sanborn

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