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Technology Today - January 2018 - Some Cool Things for Your Car and Home.

By Robert Sanborn

I have to admit, I have always enjoyed hearing from Hypercel because they have so many cool products to make life with your smartphone that much easier.  You will find their products everywhere but first, you should check out their website.

Having just upgraded my Android Huawei smartphone, I have discovered that all my old Micro USB cables are now worthless as the new phone has the new standard USB-C connection on it. And yes, now there is a market for the Micro-USB to USB-C dongle and in fact, that is just what Huawei included with the phone and I see the new Naztech Safety Essentials Car Kit does the same thing.

The first surprise in the package is the Quick Charging USB connector. They have boosted the amperage to 2.4A to allow it to charge your device four times faster than normal. The second USB connector can also be used for a tablet as well.  The charging cable is a four plus foot cable and my only wish here would have been a more heavy duty cable but it is easily replaceable.


But what sets this package apart from the others is the magnetic mount system that clips onto an air vent rather than using the windshield suction cups that comes with so many different systems. Years ago, I got a Pharos GPS system and it worked as an app with my old iPaq from HP that if you imagine a smartphone without the phone, that was it. It had a dash vent mounting kit that worked very well with my camper and at the time was much easier to deal with than the window suction cup which kept coming off not matter how much it was cleaned. Available on Amazon for $32.

MagBuddy Anywhere

Another really cool product in the same lineup is the Mag Buddy Anywhere. For $15 you get a supersticky mount to place on the dash, window, or even a desktop to give you a nice angle for using the phone hands free. Comes with a swivel ball as well and the plates that stick to the back of the phone.  Pretty cool stuff.
It even comes with two sizes of magnetic plates and wow, the magnet in the base is very strong to even support a tablet.
Take a look at their line up of cool accessories for your phone, tablet, etc.

Robert Sanborn

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