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Technology Today - January 2018 Finally, Protecting My Phone ...

By Robert Sanborn

If you happen to own a smartphone from Apple or Samsung, the choices are easy as far as protection, looks, and usability of a case and I definitely have my favorites as does my daughter which don’t even come close to my choices. But if your phone of choice is not one of the top 10 popular brands, then finding a suitable phone case is quite a bit more difficult.  Two years ago at CES, I managed to snag one of the new Huawei Mate 8 phones that was not yet available in the USA and come to find out, no one was making cases for it at the time. Yes, I could have found something on Amazon but one of the curses of shopping there is that you have no feel for the quality, durability, and look of the case you pick up there.


So I was quite surprised to hear of a French based company that makes a line of phone protection cases for my new Huawei Mate 9 phone out of the picturesque ski resort town of Saint Tropez. And because when they reached out to me and told me of the huge selection of cases for my particular phone, just had to take a closer look. And I must say, I am impressed with what I got.


With the new phone in hand, the thoughts of a well made, hand stitched, leather case for the phone sounded quite nice to me and so I got the Red Leather Case  that was surprisingly well made and well put together. A magnetic snap keeps the wallet holder style case closed when not in use to protect the phone and when you do flip it open, there are two slots on the left side for credit cards or business cards and a full length slot for currency or anything else like the credit card receipts.  Like most people these days, I am more likely to grab my phone and not my wallet when walking out the door and the one time I needed cash, was pleasantly surprised to find some in the cash slot.

It does add a bit more bulk to my phone and if I am wearing cargo pants, it goes into one of the pockets just fine. Same with an inside pocket of a suit coat but it is not that suitable for simple pants pockets or shirt pockets. The cutouts on the phone allow for easy use while taking pictures both vertically and horizontally which is a plus as the camera on this phone is an astonishing 20 megapixels. I find that the case does not get in the way of answering or making phone calls. Another advantage to the NoReve, is that is also quite the protective cover for the smartphone as the crafted leather does an excellent job.  This particular model is around $72 and can be ordered directly from the company’s website.

I have been using this case since mid December and it has done very well for me in my travels to Las Vegas and CES. You will definitely not be disappointed.

Robert Sanborn

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