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PC Lifeline was started 20+ years ago and so we did not convert all 1000+ articles to be mobile friendly. Use the old Table of Contents and Search Page for all those old stories. We hope you enjoy our site on what ever device you may have.

OWC DocUSBCFor those of us that take a notebook/laptop computer from one place to another on a regular basis have discovered that a docking station at the second location makes a lot of sense as you don’t need to carry the extra mouse, keyboard, monitor back and forth and all you need to do is to simply plug the computer into the docking station and are good to go.


If you have a Lenovo notebook, you probably already know about the terrific docking stations that are available for it. But I needed something more portable and easier for traveling especially when it comes to traveling with USB Memory sticks and digital camera memory cards.  Read the full article: Must Have for 2021


At the last Pepcom Home Now virtual show, I ran into a company, RapidX that was showing off theirModula 5 Pkg latest in wireless charging solutions and I was both surprised and impressed with what they had.


 What was very cool was their Modula5 Wireless charging system and I needed to take a closer look.


What I liked about it was not only wireless charging for your Qi enabled smartphone, but also for the Apple Watch and any other Qi enabled device.   Read the full article: RapidX Wireless Charger


ath anc300tw 03 1Traveling has been tough this year. Double masking on flights, avoiding people in Airports, and still amazed at how many people still don’t wear masks. According to the Mayo Clinic Vaccine Tracker,  where I live, Indiana, only has 42.6% of the people are fully vaccinated. I thought we needed to be at 70% for herd immunity. I find myself spending most of my time with my earbuds taking walks.  But I do have a trip coming up and wanted to give a new set from Audio-Technica a closer look.

Having traveled overseas a number of times, my search has let me to find noise cancelling headphones and in-ear headphones that are first of all quiet and then comfortable to wear. That has been a challenge. With a 20 hour travel time to deal with, if it is not comfortable to wear, I cannot deal with the same unit for that length of time. Sitting up with headphones works for a while but if you try to get any sleep in, they get in the way and so then I switch to the in-ear headphones but I don’t want them giving up on me after just a few hours.  What I really like about my Edifier headphones are they are not only noise cancelling, but wireless as well as having the wired option to listen to an onboard movie, and while sitting up, that works just fine. When it comes time to try and sleep, they do get in the way.  Read the full article: AT Quietpoint ATH-ANC300TW



While Pepcom was just a one day event, they were nice enough to leave the portal online so that I could take a closer look at the other companies that I just wandered by and in doing so, discovered that many of them are actually solving real world problems that bear a second look.

 Read the full article:  Pepcom Jun2021-part2



Pepcom is one of the mini shows that I have enjoyed for many years at CES and other Colorful Curves Ahead 2events.  They have a number of companies with pretty cool products that show off what they are doing and give you a chance to talk to developers, creators, and people actually using the products. 

They had another one of their virtual shows in June that I attended.  This was Pepcom’s Home Now! Media event.  An excellent way of showcasing companies, talking to people, and seeing what is new with them.  Read the full article: Pepcom June 2021


VideowindoWMy next run through Computex 2021 let me look at some other companies that have neat products or YouTube videos.  One is from Apacer, who has a terrific factory tour here.

VideowindoW adds value to glass by turning glare control into a media platform, merging sustainability goals with profitability. You can see their Vimeo Video here.

Another company is developing a gyroscope based glove to help people with tremors reduce them to allow them to live as normally as they can.  Take a look at their YouTube video which shows GyroGear and founder Dr Faii Ong featured in BBC One Show in 2018. The early prototype is featured on the video.   Read the full article: Computex 2021part2



The latest computer show that I wanted to see is still virtual and that is COMPUTEX which is normally held in Taipei Taiwan. You can see the show here.  It runs the entire month of June. They have keynote kickoffs from Intel, NXP, Nvidia, ARM, and some others.  The show has several areas of focus including 5G, Gaming, AI & IoT, (Internet of things), Edge computing and others.  Several companies have set up virtual pavilions as well to allow you to wander and look at some pretty cool stuff. There are 147 virtual exhibits this year.  Unfortunately, you do have to register to see any of the exhibits. Read the full article:  Computex 2021


PowerUP600aAhh, summertime and I can’t wait to hit the road. With all of us vaccinated, at least in this office, I can’t wait to start the summer travels and I realize it will be difficult with still millions of people out there refusing to get their shot. Ignorance and stupidity goes so far so we have to look out for ourselves. I realize that there are extenuating circumstances but what does that cover, .05 percent of the un-vaccinated?  I mean you wouldn’t take a long road trip without checking the car maintenance schedule, tires, battery, and simple things like do all the lights still work.

My friend who drives from IN to NM a few times a year recently purchased an emergency starter for when the car’s battery goes out and it hit me that my car is now over five year’s old and so when I checked the maintenance schedule, and tire life, I see I should be good to go this summer but in looking at recommendations for the battery, see that most places tell you to replace it after five years.  It was literally the next day that an email popped up asking me if I would be interested in taking a look at a new emergency battery starter and it took me all of a minute to reply and say you bet.  Talk about perfect timing.  Read the full article: Scosche PowerUP



Jabra elite85t copper black 01One of the problems I have had is to find a set of earbuds that is comfortable. I have to confess that I have resisted trying the Apple Air Pods for a number of reasons some of which are that I am hoping that someone comes up with something that works well, is noise cancelling, is sturdy and reliable, and at a reasonable price.

So with that in mind and after talking to them at the last virtual CES, I had to take a look and listen to the Jabra Elite 85t Noise cancelling headset. It comes shipped in a very compact and sensible packing box. To begin, once unpacked, you need to download an App to your smartphone as there really are no instructions in the box.  Read the full article: Jabra Elite85t

NomadplugI love to travel and what I hate about it sometimes is figuring out what travel adapter plug I will need for what country. Because I don’t have total recall and really don’t visit overseas as much as I would like to, I really can’t remember what type of plug is needed in England, Germany, France and even China and Japan.

So, when I saw the Nomadplug at CES in January 2019, and was getting ready for trips that never materialized this past year, I was really interested in seeing it work. Of course, their tag line hooked me and I had to take a look. The nomadplug is the last universal travel adapter you will ever buy!     Read the full article: Nomadplug



Cleer CrescentCES 2021 was definitely a different experience. After my physical problems of getting around in 2020, I was really looking forward to 2021 only to be derailed by Covid like everyone else. So, this year, it was virtually done and while the number of total exhibitors was down quite a bit from the past years, there were several companies I did get a chance to virtually chat with and see what is new coming and some of the stuff was pretty cool. 

Read the full article: CES 2021


Another of the holiday events that I will miss this year with the virtual CES show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, will be Pepcom.

It is a mini show within the show condensed into a big hotel ballroom where you can wander around and see a number of companies and their new products and talk to them about them.  

Well, this month, they held their own virtual Holiday show and to my surprise, worked out very well. 

Read the full article: Pepcom Oct 2020


CEATEC SIn Japan, they have a show similar to what CES is in the USA called CEATEC. Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies is held every fall outside of Tokyo in the Mihama-ku ward of Chiba City at a beautiful looking convention center. It was also to be the venue for four sports during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which is now scheduled for August 2021.  So this year, CEATEC was held virtually which was nice in that I was able to get a much closer look at the companies there.

Read the full article: CEATEC 2020 Notes


SR3 white 109One of the advantages I am finding in all this boredom is that I am connecting more with companies that make things I can use and bequiet! Is one of them lately.


Once I got rid of the noisy furnace up in my office, I began to discover how much other noise is there coming from my computer so the timing was perfect to see how quiet I can get it. So what follows will be my upgrade journey and then you will see some really neat new products from bequiet! That are coming shortly.


But first the story on building and upgrading your own computer.  

Read the full article: A Silent bequiet! Upgrade


Skeleton2Notes from September include a new anti-fogging cloth from LensPens for those of us cursed to wear eyeglasses with our face mask; a very cool and neat upgrade to an older computer that makes it faster than it ever was with the help of Kingston; and how about a very cool hygiene solution in sanitizing your phone and tablet from Catalyst Lifestyle. Also a quick note on review sites and are they really different.

Read the full article: Notes from September 2020



San Disk UltraDualI am simply amazed at the pace of miniaturization of technology.


The SanDisk Ultra® Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C™ Flash Drive that holds 1 Terabyte of data and can easily get lost in your pocket. 

Size wise, it is only 1.75 x 0.48 x 0.34 inches and weighs less than an ounce. You can get it from SanDisk for $199.  It comes in six capacity ranging from 32GB available to a stunning 1 TB as well.  Read the full article: SanDisk Ultra Dual



You know it had to happen. You can’t find a webcam anywhere in the stores or online except for the really cheap or super expensive models and so when VDO360 offered one of their new 1SEE models to take a look at, I had to see for myself. And it is impressive out of the box.


First of all, it is heavy, solid, and well built. It is a 1080p camera and as long as you have a USB2 port on your device or computer, will connect just fine. In fact, if your computer is pressed for USB Ports, it has an integrated hub built in with a single port.

Read the full article: VDO360 Webcam


Netgear Mesh3In February 2017, I acquired a new technology in home/office WIFI connection called a Mesh. The unit I got was from Linksys and I loved it. You can read about it here.   It was smooth, consistent, and was able to cover parts of my home office and the rest of the home that never before had Wi-Fi service including the front porch and basement storage areas.  It was a $499 upgrade that was definitely worth the money.

Now we have more devices connecting than you can count. Zoom meetings, movie downloads, video streaming all take up bandwidth not to mention the occasional gigabyte download of Windows 10 updates. So, we have come to the point that it is three years later and I need an upgrade. First of all, WIFI6 is available and it promises better coverage, better control, and faster speeds and with my office internet connection roaring along nicely, at , it was time to give the new systems a run.  Read the full article: Netgear Nighthawk AX1800

Kingston SUV500SATAI recently received a new Solid State Drive (SSD) from Kingston and wanted to see what it does for my computer’s performance. This drive is a new type m.2 form factor which is a bit smaller than a typical computer memory stick. Though fairly new to most people, the m.2 form factor for SSD has been out since August 2013, nearly seven years ago. If you took apart some of the older laptops like a Macbook, you would find they had them installed.

It is just that desktop systems didn’t have the slots for the m.2 drives till much later. Because they are all chip based, you now see a lot more companies that are selling them so the boom is on which hopefully will give us better prices and better lifespans.

Read the full article:Installing the m.2




It used to be that most any component would work inside most any computer but that has long changed for the worse, unfortunately. The good news is that mainboard manufacturers like Asus, MSI, and others, are constantly improving their products but the problem is that you find a lot of older products still available what can get quite confusing.  If you are building a machine from components, you have to be very careful about what will really work inside that new mainboard you are contemplating.

I have long settled on Asus mainboards for the computers I build and have spent many agonizing minutes pouring over specifications as to whether a particular processor, memory, and storage will work effectively or at all inside the new mainboard.  The good news is that it does get easier as Asus, as well as Kingston and Micron have some excellent material available to help you make sure that the processor you choose will indeed work with the mainboard.  Read the full article: Building The Computer


PaMu Case CoverNow that we are going through the quarantine process, I find myself needing to take more walks and that gives me the opportunity to try out new earbuds. Alex from Padmate was kind enough to send these along.

What caught my attention was the design and uniqueness of the charging case and of course it never hurts to have a lot of people saying they are terrific so with a price drop from $199 to $89, it was time to give them a closer look. 


Read the full article: PaMu Earbuds



CES2020 JOk, everyone has their wish list and when you travel to CES, the show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, you come away with wonder in your eyes and maybe even empty pockets. Fortunately for me, the things I see that I really would like to get my hands on are either too expensive or not yet available. What luck.


So, lets begin by tooling around in the NIU TQi-GT. And as they say “ Explore Your City Like Never Before Without Traffic Limitations “. 


From the  NIU Newsroom: “TQi Electric Three-Wheeler Revolutionizing the future and carving the way for a new vehicle category, NIU has reinvented the wheel with a unique twist and more modernized way to ride. 


Read the full article: CES Wish List


AU STREAM HB Red frontAs you have read from some of my earlier postings, I am in constant search of a good price for noise cancelling headphones.  In the past, I have avoided the in ear headphones or earbuds as for some strange reason, they just never fit that well nor could I get used to them.  Well, times, my head, and the technology has changed quite a bit over the years and as you can see from this story , I had a great time with a new noise cancelling headphones from Edifier.


While I was at CES, I also ran into a new company that is creating what looks to be a terrific set of noise cancelling earbuds. Spending some time with them to try things out, I was quite impressed that I didn’t mind wearing them for an extended period of time. And did I mention, they also are noise cancelling as well. Read the full article: Ausound Stream Hybrid

 sandisk ibi front



One of the major problems I keep hearing about is how to keep and share the photos that are taken with smartphones. Neither Apple IOS or Android do a good job of setting this up out of the box when you get the phone and by the time you have snapped hundreds and thousands of pictures and images, managing it gets to be too difficult.  Sure you can easily text an image and if you have your phone connected to a social media app, easily share it there, but what about family, friends, and people that are just not that technologically savvy about how to get things done? Ahhh, now we are in the range of aging luddites, distant aunts and uncles, and what about grandparents? Read the full article: Sandisk ibi


self driving bus

 The new trends that we were hearing about coming out of CES (the show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show) certainly had nothing at all in the hint that was to be the coronavirus. 

For once I had thought about heading to Barcelona Spain for the Mobile World Congress and I am glad I stalled, for my own health reasons, for it was cancelled. 

But I was in Las Vegas and before the show even started was the event called “Tech Trends to Watch”. 

 Of course, you have heard about 5G coming and nearly everyone is talking about it but what you don’t hear is pricing.  Read the full article: CES 2020 Trends




Pepcom’s Digital Experience is one of those events before the event known as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and I have to admit, this makes the trip to Las Vegas worth the effort and unfortunately for me, it was an effort as I had suffered an attack of Gout that renders the foot nearly unusable. So, loaded up with medication and my walking stick, I limped through a terrific array of companies of which there were a dozen that were on my must visit list. 

Read the full article:  Pepcom Digital ExperienceCleer Mirage



Day one of CES, the show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, was for me what is called Unveiled where companies that have new and exciting technologies get to show off their products even before the show starts.  Lots of people taking their first look at things and lots of new things that may or may not capture your imagination.   

Read the full article:CES 2020 Unveiled




Normally I would tell you about all the wonderful things I have seen at CES but first I want to tell you about my trip back to Indianapolis.  It was eventful and I found an exit row to sit in for extra leg room (slightly); but the best part of it was that I had a new set of Noise Cancelling Headphones from Edifier.  In a nutshell, they were great.  I first saw them off the show floor at Pepcomm's Digital Experience where I ran into an old friend, Bruce Pechman, the Muscle Man of Technology. Bruce is a terrific guy and we spent more time chatting and so I had little time to talk to Edifier.

Read the full article:  Edifier Noise Cancelling Headphones


cord cutting

Cutting the cord isn’t what it used to be as there are a ton of more options and they unfortunately, are getting more and more confusing as we go along.

Of course, your mileage will vary but here is one real life experience. An elderly friend has decided that she really doesn’t like to cable TV because she only watches one or two channels and it costs her $75 per month to do that.

So, my cousin who has a lot of experience being a cord cutter (and is also very thrifty with the dollar), gave us some advice and we had some fun trying different things. First was to try the antenna approach and get the local channels that are broadcasting over the air. 

Read the full article: Cutting the cord




CES, the show formerly known as the “Consumer Electronics Show” is all about technology and it won’t be long before any technology is connected to the internet. If you can think of any device in your home or office, it won’t be long before it becomes part of the iot or “internet of things” and it will be connected to the web and run from a cloud. What I have selected below has won the “Best of Innovation” awards from CES and will be shown off in January in Las Vegas at the 2020 version of CES which I can’t wait to see. Hotel, Air Tickets, and Press pass handy, I am ready to go. You can see the CTA Press release here, and the Winners from the Paris show here.

Read the full article: The CES 2020 Innovation Award WinnersOrbi RBK852

  Staying connected to the internet is probably the most important thing for today’s connected world. If the internet goes down in the house, I hear it immediately as we have so many things connected from doors to lights to music to movies and everything else it seems. The curse for us is to who do we blame for poor service. Is it the cable company and their access point or modem? Is it the router and wifi device? How about the connected tablet, phone, doorbell, opener, or thermostat? Sad to say, nearly all of these devices do not have much in the way to let us know something else is failing.

Read the full article:.WIFI 6 and More

 Intel i7

 For many years, building your own computer was pretty easy. You decide on a processor, then find out how many pins it uses, select nearly any motherboard that holds that processor, pick your memory based on DDR2, or DDR3 and be sure that nearly anything you select will work.

Not any more. In my years of building computers, I would always use Intel Mainboards and processors. Intel processors because of their higher reliability over the AMD options; and the Intel mainboards because they were very stable and reliable. I cannot recall ever needing to send one or the other back because of a problem. Intel gave up the mainboard business to my disappointment and so now I have settled on Asus as my number one brand. Again, reliability and the quality of features and updates.

Read the full article:.. Building Your Own Computer

Luci Light Core

Of course, the latest headlines is all about the new iPhone 11. I am sure it won’t be long before someone in this household acquires one and of course, the snag is which one. Starting to see lots of Google news and comments about them and like the political scene, someone will love it and someone will hate it and there will be a vast middle ground of confusion. Apple already has some terrific information available here Only problem for me is that to keep the same size I like, I would have to go with the 11 Pro Max.

Read the full article:.. The Late Summer Mailbag

 myCharge HubPlus


Summertime and the traveling is much easier now that I have snagged the perfect portable charger from myCharge. It first of all has a 6700 mAh battery so that you can keep charging and charging without having to replenish it. A built in Lightning cable for your Apple devices and a built in USB-C cable for the more modern Android phones and tablets. Finally, a built in USB-A port just in case you have one of the older phones/tablets/headphones to charge as well. ....

Read the full article:..myCharge HubPlus - Wish List



GoSun Chill




The traveling season is upon us and it is fun to see how well the technology works to make it easier. We spent nearly the entire month of July on the road and we discovered that researching places, events, and schedules on the internet make it much more enjoyable. So what follows will be ideas and suggestions that you can use in your own traveling adventures. ....

Read the full article:... Traveling, Klipsch, Noreve, and more


Cleer Stage speakerOften at CES, I run into products that I just don’t want to live without. I have a bunch of Bluetooth Speakers but the best one I got this time around was the Cleer Stage Speaker. I don’t get to use it much because my daughter keeps snatching it despite having at least three others downstairs. Ok, to drop names, it stands up to the Bose speakers I have on the computer. It is that good. Besides playing music, it includes Alexa Voice Service. Spec wise, it includes a digital amplifier, dual 48mm neodymium drivers and passive radiators. A 15-hours playback via a 2600mAh Lithium Battery and IPX7 water-resistance rounds out a really sleek design. It is solid and well built and worth the $129 from Amazon. ...

Read the full article:....CES 2019 Must Haves

emr3000homeA few years ago while at CES, I found a new technology in home WIFI systems that looked to be very promising. The biggest curse with WIFI is that unless you are pretty close to the router or access point, your wireless internet connection could be quite spotty. The good news about WIFI receivers; the devices in your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or desktop that receive the WIFI signal, is that they actually do a decent job of picking up the weak signals and because of the way they send and receive packets, you sometimes never know when you really have a bad signal. If for instance, you are just reading and sending email, you may never know that the packets had to be resent several times because of the weak signal. ...

Read the full article:...EnGenius Home Mesh Network


ChromecastsIt is amazing how one thing leads to another. I finally gave up Spectrum cable as the cost was getting too high and AT&T finally installed a fiber optic network through my neighborhood. The deal they gave me saves me $700 the first year so I couldn’t resist. Of course, getting used to the fact that the DVR is different and no old saved programs or movies, but the internet is so much faster made it worth the difference. 

Comes baseball season and I discover that AT&T Uverse does not make MLB Extra Innings available and that is a problem because all of us really like to watch our Red Sox Baseball. Never mind how they are doing right now but last season was a blast and fun to watch so I wanted to subscribe again this year. I know I am stuck buying the MLB At bat package and I am ok with that but how to get it to the television becomes the tricky part. ... moreLIVALL Smart






CES had a lot of pavilions and showrooms for not only companies to show off their wares but also for Countries. One I had a chance to see was China Tech First Look which was held offsite but did have a number of quite interesting companies showing off their wares. They had everything from Robots to life saving helpers in their showroom. From Proexpo PR. ... more




UV500 BoxI have built a lot of computers for lots of folks over the years and up to now, the pricing of the solid state drives has just been too much for people that just don’t need the blazing speed that you get from it. I have seen a lot of them built into notebooks and that made sense because they often have low power processors and limited memory so having a quick hard drive was worth the tradeoff for reasonable speed especially when you get used to using a tablet that is instant on. But in the desktop world, you often don’t stint on processor speed and memory especially if you are buying a machine to get some real work, or play some intensive games, on. Also as hard drives got larger and the prices shrunk on them, the price of a comparable SSD drive was way too much money. ... moreBlackEyePro250


There are times, you need to travel light. I love to travel and when I go to different and interesting places, I love to take either my digital or film camera when I see something special and whether it be the Blue Ridge Parkway, White Sands National Monument, or the White Mountains, having a camera with me is a necessity. The times that I can’t take them with me, I have had to settle for either the tiny point and shoot cameras for which I have to admit, Canon makes some pretty good ones, or to having used my smartphone camera which it seems like the choice of millions of social media connected people all around the world. ... more


MatiasI must admit that while I love to wander through CES, at heart, I am a computer guy and have been one for decades. So, coming across a company that makes keyboards for desktops, I just had to stop by. Matias is a Canadian company founded in 1989 in the basement of one of the cofounders in suburban Toronto. And I have to confess, other than running into them at ShowStoppers, I never knew they existed. But meeting with Steve McGowan (a cofounder), I for one enjoyed the discussion and the reminiscing about keyboards of past times that were solid, well built, and lasted long beyond the computers ever could. moreBeyerdynamic Lagoon ANC PCLL


The Consumer Electronics Show held annually in Las Vegas is the hub of innovation for technology across a wide spectrum of new products and services. From super-rugged headsets for niche use cases like in construction to headphones that tailor themselves to your own unique hearing characteristics, CES 2019 was home to a fascinating diversity of new Hi-Fi audio gear. Here’s a roundup of some of the most strikingly impressive headphones I had the chance to listen to at CES 2019.

... more



CES 2018 news 1



It was just three years ago at CES that I was first introduced to Huawei which was getting into the consumer market for Android smartphones and what an impact they had. You can see the review of that Mate8 here. I was impressed with the quality, speed, power, and camera lens of the phone and used it as my primary phone until November of 2017 when a Black Friday sale at Best Buy lured me into buying the Mate9. The Mate9 was such a better smartphone; faster, more memory, better screen, and the camera was incredible. Two lenses to give you over 20 megapixels of images that were really good. Everyone was impressed. ... moreSolarcow



Well, we are in the data age. According to the Consumer Technology Association, from here it will be AI, Self Driving Cars, and 8K Televisions. You can read that at CTA.Tech where they tell us where we will spend our money and why. I saw those trends at CES and in fact, when I was booking my rides with Lyft, I got a message asking if I wouldn’t mind a self driving car. I said sure, why not. But out of about 15 rides, I never got one.

But here we are at CES Unveiled where the new and unique products from around the world are shown to us was is neat and possible. As this picture says, “Solar Cow brings children to the school” is a unique way to solve a problem. … more


Power for your device is more than a necessity in life. Especially the smart phones where we tend to keep a good portion of our lives on them and for many of us, it is everything from keeping in touch with the family to checking bills and credit cards, to calendars, data books, and for many of the younger generation, social media. Over the years, I have tried a number of different devices and while many work for a while and take an incredibly long time to charge a device; they are what I would consider not critical. In fact, two of them became paperweights before I sent them off to recycling. Many were given away. ... more


The focus on this article is light when you need it and when you don't have another option. Whenever you need an extra light taking pictures and an extra hand to go with it, this is the perfect solution especialy with this new Litra Power unit. This is just one of the neat things I saw at CES and a second in this report is an old favorite, Luci. A light that will last as nearly long as the power outage you might be suffering from next time. MPOWERD is a terrific company with neat products and a neat program that provides lighting for millions of people that just can't get it when they need it. ... more


This show is massive. The square footage covers the equivalent of over 50 football fields; including the end zones. There were three entire sections of the show that I was not able to visit even though I hit over 16,000 steps on Tuesday according to my health tracker. So what follows are my first impressions of the show and I hope you enjoy. More reviews and reports will be coming as well. To the left is the LG Rollable Television... more



You have to see them to believe them. What follows are some of what I thought was really cool stuff from the upcoming CES Show in Las Vegas in January 2019. They have already declared the most Innovative products that will be coming and while some are already here, most you will see next year. Here is a sneak peek for you. All of the text comes from the Innovations Award Page. And I do have links to the products and prices where available ... more.


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