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Technology Today - CES 2019 China Tech First Look

By Robert Sanborn

China Tech First Look CES had a lot of pavilions and showrooms for not only companies to show off their wares but also for Countries. One I had a chance to see was China Tech First Look which was held offsite but did have a number of quite interesting companies showing off their wares. They had everything from Robots to life saving helpers in their showroom. You can see their site here.


One company, OneThing is developing cloud and blockchain technologies to smoothly share between computers and smartphones. Their product is ThunderChain Open Platform. According to their release: "To address idle mobile phone phenomenon, OneThing Cloud mini is designed to be the world’s first phone-based shared computing smart device. The conceptual product leverages used smartphones and transforms idle computing resources, including bandwidth, CPUs and storage. Through our proprietary shared computing technology, such idle resources are transferred into enterprise-level cloud services e.g. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Edge Storage Service (ESS). Blockchain technology is integrated into the product as a bookkeeping system and an incentive mechanism."

It will be interesting to hear how that progresses. The web site does not yet have an English translation.


LIVALL has created the smart helmet for bicycles and skiers. There is embedded fall detection and an SOS button to call for help via the in helmet Bluetooth connection or use it as a handsfree kit for your smartphone. Also is the ability to talk to other LIVALL helmet for group conversations while traveling and when you crash and the impact sensor is triggered, the built in GPS will give your exact location to your emergency contacts. Prices from $159 to $189.

LIVALL Smart helmet

Oceanalpha Smart Lifebuoy

Oceanalpha Co. is the leading and largest unmanned surface vessel company in the world. They have created a self propelled buoy that goes up to 3 meters/second and has an onboard video as well. Battery powered and supports a fast battery replacement. The Dolphin 1 Smart Lifebuoy has a remote control unit (not yet smartphone); and can support two people. Available soon for around $1498.

ForwardX Robotics has created the Ovis suitcase that will accompany you on your travels. With software, sensors, multiple motors, distance alarms, anti loss alarm, obstacle avoidance, and Bluetooth connections, this robotic suitcase is designed to follow you through the traffic to your destination. Less than 10 pounds weight. Soon to be available on Amazon in the $500 - $700 range.


Ovis Smartsuitcase

Pudu Robot

Another interesting robot was from Shenzhen Pudu Technology Co., Ltd.  They have created a delivery robot that is focused on both personalization and the ability to deal with multiple obstacles in its path. They envision using it in restaurants, hotels, and airport lounges among others. With built in cameras and software, it builds a map of its path, avoids obstacles, and does real time positioning as things move. It will be around $5000 when available. You can see a YouTube video here.

Robert Sanborn

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