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Technology Today - CES 2019 First Impressions!

By Robert Sanborn

CES This show is massive. The square footage covers the equivalent of over 50 football fields; including the end zones. There were three entire sections of the show that I was not able to visit even though I hit over 16,000 steps on Tuesday according to my health tracker. So what follows are my first impressions of the show and I hope you enjoy. More reviews and reports will be coming as well.

Creative Labs Super X-FI Amp

This does for headphones what surround sound does for the living room. A personalized audio holography device that sits between your sound source and your headphones to give you the most incredible sound. Start with images of your head and ears and it creates the audio profile for you. Outstanding. $149.


Creatives SX-FI



You can't start CES without the crowds. I think there were 6,500 people registered for a press pass this year and sometimes it feels like they are all around me. Most of the press conferences were standing room only though I do have to say, nearly all the ones I attended had something of interest and pretty cool as well to show off. As for the show floors, nearly 180,000 people attended and looked at 4,500 exhibitors. And that doesn't count all of the companies that booked hotel suites and had people come to visit them.


Royole Smart 100 Degree Flexible Speaker

Of course there were hundreds of voice enabled speakers but to step up a class, you need to look at this one. From Royole that starts with a 7.8 inch flexible screen featuring 1440x1920 resolution that wraps around the speaker. There is also a built in 8MP camera that rotates 180 degrees and can double as a security camera. Very cool.


Royole Smart Flexible Speaker

LG OLED Rollable TV

LG's Disapearing Television

Coming Soon is one of the coolest televisions that actually rolls up into its base. What you see here is a display of five of the units in various positions. Using LG OLED Display technology in a very thin screen it was quite the sight to see. Available later in a 65 inch size.


In-Win Computer Cases

In-Win has long been one of my favorite computer tower case manufacturer and for CES, they decided to show off one of their artistic endeavors and wow, what a case. It is spectacular. These are collector items and have to be specially ordered.

These are called the Z-Tower, they are hand made and will be considered collector's items. $5500 and I don't know if it includes shipping as it will welgh around 200 pounds.

In Win Aluminum Tower
Cleer Flow Headphones

Cleer Flow Noise Cancelling Headphones

My personal holy grail in life is a top rated set of noise cancelling headphones that I can wear for hours at a time on the jet taking me to and from China. While I have found several that do a very good job of reducing the noice of the jet engines, and delivering terrific sound, my problem is that they just don't often fit that well for extended times. Here is one that I can't wait to get my hands on. The Cleer Wireless Hybrid ANC Headphones. They just felt better and will be $279.

Avine Smart Wine Aerator

Aerating wine has long been argued about since someone cracked that first bottle many centuries ago. The problem has been that if you don't finish that bottle of wine, then what do you do? Personally, I prefer a glass to two at a time and this might just be the solution for us. You can either scan the label and compare to their database or simply select how long the wine should be exposed and the technology inside with areate the wine as it is poured. Pre-orders for $249 on Indiegogo.
Avine smart Wine Aerator
Klipsch Desktop Speakers

Klipsch Table Top Speakers

Klipsch has long been known for innovative and high quality speakers and so when they came out with their line of portable and tabletop speakers I was very impressed; loaded with features including Bluetooth, rechargeable battery, and incredible performance.. Absolutely love the styling. - The large unit on the right, "The Three" is $499. To the left is "The One" at $299, and the "Heritage Groove" is not yet on the website.

The Waverly Pilot Translating Ear Buds

So here is how it works, you are conversing with someone that you cannot understand and what they say is picked up by the microphone in the earbud, sent to a cloud translation process, and then sent back to you in your own language. It will handle so far, 15 languages, 42 dialects, and is designed for high accuracy. It will sync with the Pilot Speech Translator app on your smartphone. $199.
Waverly Pilot Translating Ear Buds

Kingston Data Traveler

Kingston Data Traveler

Kingston is known long to us as a maker of memory products for a computer but they also make a lot of other useful gadgets as well and while this comes from last year, it is still worth noting. It is an encrypted USB Memory stick that allows you to create your own pass code. Available up to 64GB of storage, prices start at $58 for a 4GB stick.


Robert Sanborn

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