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Technology Today - CES 2019 myCharge

By Robert Sanborn

Power for your device is more than a necessity in life. Especially the smart phones where we tend to keep a good portion of our lives on them and for many of us, it is everything from keeping in touch with the family to checking bills and credit cards, to calendars, data books, and for many of the younger generation, social media. Over the years, I have tried a number of different devices and while many work for a while and take an incredibly long time to charge a device; they are what I would consider not critical. In fact, two of them became paperweights before I sent them off to recycling. Many were given away.

myCharge Hub+C

Litra and myCharge

One of the more indispensable accessories we have around our house are the myCharge power units. I am convinced that with two of us, you can never have enough. Right now in my office, I have three of them and I use them all. My current go to charger is the “Quickcharge 3.0” which while storing 37.2Wh, has both a cleverly built in cables to charge devices requiring either the micro-USB and USB-C connectors. To charge it, you need either connect it to a USB-A cable to a power connector or better yet, just plug it into a standard USA wall outlet with the drop down twin prongs. Even better is that the USB-C is an 18w quick charge connection for the fastest charging possible. As you can see, I have already put this unit to good use charging my new Litra Torch light.  You can see the myCharge collection here. This unit is $79.99.

If you need something with less heft to carry with you, then the myCharge GoXtra which comes in a very slim design which makes it easy to carry around. With plenty of extra power, you use your smartphone’s USB charging cable to connect. If you need to top off the battery in the GoXtra, just plug in a micro-USB cable to any power and charge away. The advantage to this is that it is lightweight but you do need to carry an extra cable with you unless your phone happens to use the micro-USB cable then you can use the same cable for both tasks. A terrific charger to slip into your pocket and go. And like the other myCharge units, they have the neat array of LED lights to give you a quick indication of the power status of the device. This GoXtra is just $24.99


myCharge GoXtra

myCharge Razr And finally, for my daughter which has nearly everything going at the same time, I got her the myCharge Razor Mega-C.  Like my Hub above, it comes with an anodized aluminum sleek case but it packs a wallop. Also like my Hub, it utilizes the new Qualcomm quick charge technology for what they say is up to a four times faster charge rate. Two output connectors, one a traditional USB-A and the other the new USB-C to charge two devices at the same time. She can now charger her iPad and iPhone at the same time while using them. At 20,100mAh, it will keep on charging. What you might find is that you need new charging cables for your devices that can handle the faster charging rate. The box does include the Powerbank recharge cable for you; a USB-A for the AC adapter to a USB-C for the Razor Mega-C.  Read more about the Razor Mega-C here.

And finally, for those of you living life on the edge of the grid for extended periods of time, here is what you need!  The myCharge Power Station. How about 50,000mAh; input will be either AC or USB-C; output will be three USB-A (up to 36 watts), one USB-C (up to 60w); and an AC plug.  Not on the web yet nor a price but I can certainly see getting one for the camper.

myCharge Station
Razr Charging That Razor above is perfect for my daughter as she will plop herself anywhere comfortable to work and of course, there will not be an outlet handy while she will use two and sometimes three devices all at the same time. And, if she had a long enough cord, charge it at the same time. A must have. Available for $69.99

Robert Sanborn

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